Bookmarks imported via HTML crashing brave, not displaying website icon or missing parent folder

With brave import bookmarks direct from chrome desktop failing to import the “Mobile bookmarks” folder from chrome desktop, I’ve tried to get them via a HTML file exported from chrome.

Description of the issue:
Problem with some bookmarks imported from a bookmarks HTML file, and which are then shown in the bookmarks manager “imported” folder.

Brave immediately crashes when clicking on certain bookmarks. After restart the same bookmarks always cause a crash.
They are named “Bookmarks”, with address chrome-native://bookmarks/folder/378

Don’t know where they came from, only two of them, not something I’d saved so can be deleted and then not a problem. But better if brave didn’t crash. (In chrome they just give a blank page).

Expected result:
Blank page OR start chrome OR error message.

Many of of the bookmarks have the default bookmark (globe) icon rather than the proper website icon they were showing in chrome.

This seems to have affected more of the older bookmarks than recently saved ones, maybe 80% of very old ones wrong, vs 30% of recent bookmarks.

Expected result:
Keep website icon shown in chrome.

The original (chrome desktop) folder structure is incomplete. It is missing the top folder levels “Other bookmarks” and “Mobile bookmarks”. The two sets of bookmarks and subfolders are now a single list.
A minor issue is things are a bit harder to find, but the real problem is that where both parent folders contain a folder with the same name, here you end up with a single folder with merged contents.
eg. my Mobile bookmarks \ Music was music venues and “Other bookmarks” \ Music was Artist and record collection links. I now have one Music folder with everything mixed up.

Expected result:
Keep original folder structure OR keep duplicate folder but with …(1) name.

Brave Version:
Desktop Release Notes v1.46.144 (Dec 14, 2022)

Additional Information:
Windows 10 pro 64bit
Chrome Version 108.0.5359.125 (Official Build) (64-bit) … up to date version.


I’d copied the wrong bookmark after crash. The above one is OK (opens blank brave page).

One that always causes crash:
named “New tab” with address “chrome-native://newtab/”

while other strange one:
named “New tab” with address “chrome://newtab/”
is OK (also opens blank brave page).

Those are also visible in the source chrome bookmarks, but again, don’t know where they came from.

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