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Importing the bookmarks from chrome does not work. I have closed ALL chrome windows, but Brave still mentions to close them in order to proceed with importing.

To be honest, it’s very frustrating to look through the topics and see others that have had the same issues with no response from the development team and the topics just simply being closed.

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@Nouska1976 Thanks for reaching out! Could you please let us know on which brave version and platform you are seeing this issue.


We are experiencing this issue as well OS X 10.13.6

@1parkplace Could you provide the brave version, please?


Whatever the latest stable version of Brave is available today. We downloaded today from

@1parkplace Thanks for the information. I am unable to reproduce the issue on Windows 10 x64 with brave version 0.64.77.

I have uploaded recorded file, please double check are you following the same steps to import bookmarks from chrome?

Please revert back if you are still seeing the same issue.


haha… so you reproduce in a different operating system and tell me it works… cmon.

What precisely are you asking me to revert back? This is a fresh install.

Imported fine using same version of Brave on macOSX 10.14.4 following the steps shown by @gsarvadnya (Brave isn’t really different in different OSs in my experience; I use on Mac, Win, and occasionally Linux). It puts the imported bookmarks in a folder called “Imported from Chrome” shown in the Bookmarks Bar.image

True, I’m not using 10.13.6, and it’s possible that’s the issue. @Mattches might have a Mac running that version.

We don’t know what OS the OP, @Nouska1976, is using, yet.

On my Mac, at least, Chrome used to open Hangouts in the background, which would be considered a Chrome window/process. I suggest using Activity Monitor (Mac) or Task Manager (Windows) to see if Chrome is actually running something, after all, just in case, if nothing is shown in the Dock (Mac) or Taskbar/System Tray (Windows).

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Yea, I killed Chrome in the activity monitor. I’m at a loss, a clean reboot doesn’t help either.

Maybe it’s a permissions thing. I believe that was the issue with the Safari import not working. Maybe check Mac Preferences, Security/Privacy? Not sure for what, though.

Also, is there more than one “Chrome” listed in your “Import from” list during the import process? Because Brave seems to show up as Chrome sometimes (Mac and Windows), and if you have more than one entry, try it with one you didn’t try before and see what happens.

Just have Chrome Profile 1 listed, yea not sure what else it could be. Will try to do a Chrome backup and reset and then reload chrome to see if I can get it working.

Do you know if a Chrome backup can be imported into Brave?

If you export bookmarks to HTML from Chrome, yes, you can import the bookmarks from that file. That’s what I wound up doing with my Safari bookmarks before the import tool was fixed for that.

However, I just tried something that at least gets the bookmarks in and lists the sites I had passwords saved for (doesn’t appear to have imported the passwords). This isn’t official by any stretch of the imagination; consider it experimental and risky. That said, at least it gets the bookmarks in the way I had them in Chrome.

Basically, I created a new profile with Brave’s people manager, opened a Finder window and went to my profile folder for Chrome, opened another Finder window and went to the new profile for Brave, and copied everything from the Chrome profile to the Brave profile, replacing files with the same name.

First, quit Brave if it’s open and take note of the Profile folders Brave already has. In Finder, go to your Home folder/Library/Application Support/Brave Software/Brave-Browser/. There should be Default, Guest Profile, System Profile, and Tor Profile, and maybe some like Profile 1. Leave that window open.

Open Brave and click the person icon in the upper right next to the hamburger menu, pull down to “Manage People.”

Click “Add Person” in lower right of resulting window. Name it, choose icon, click Add.

A new Brave window opens using the new profile. Skip the welcome tour and quit Brave. Looking at your Finder window, you should now see a new Profile folder in the Brave-Software folder. In my case, it’s Profile 7.

Open the new profile folder, leave it open and create a new Finder window (enter Finder, click Cmd-N) and go to your Home/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/ and look for your profile folder there. It’s probably Default and probably the most recently used (switch to list view, sort by date modified to easily see that).


You want to copy from the Chrome one to the Brave one. If you didn’t know, holding down OPTION while dragging something will copy it. If you want to be extra safe, create a copy of Default by selecting it in your Finder window, then hitting Cmd-D (Duplicate) and use the copy.

Open your Chrome profile folder, select all, HOLD DOWN OPTION KEY and drag (while holding option - you should see a little green circle with a plus indicating you’re copying, not moving) to your new Brave profile folder.

Something like this should pop up, and I clicked Apply to all and Replace.

Open Brave, click the manage persons icon in upper right by the hamburger menu, select the new profile, and your bookmarks should all be there.

After enabling Bookmarks bar:

@Mattches Would you mind checking this issue on OS X whenever you get time? I am unable to reproduce the issue on Windows 10. User is seeing this on this particular version of OS X 10.13.6


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@gsarvadnya, @1parkplace – Issue does not reproduce on macOS Mojave (10.14.5). I don’t have a machine running 10.13.6 specifically at this time. I will reach out to some team members to do so.

In the interim, is it just bookmarks you’re looking to import @1parkplace? If so, can you successfully import them manually?

  1. Open Chrome, navigate to Menu --> Bookmarks --> Bookmarks Manager
  2. Click the “more options” menu at the top right of the page, then Export Bookmarks and save the exported [bookmarks].html file
  3. Launch Brave, Menu --> Bookmarks --> Bookmarks Manager --> [More options] --> Import Bookmarks, select [bookmarks.html]

Let me know if this works for you.

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