Brave Browser sync chain issues

Description of the issue: Have been using Brave Browser happily for most of the calendar year, after a decade+ with Chrome. Is it safe to assume that the original machine I used to initially create the sync chain is considered the “master” ? The issue I’m having with the bookmark sync feature(s) is once I’ve updated my bookmarks, Brave browser will inevitably crash (which isn’t a big deal as I can simply “Restore” the last session/tabs), however I’m getting tons of duplicate bookmarks. Nearly all of my sub-folders under “Other bookmarks” are duplicated, as well as many in the bookmarks bar. Is there any way to prevent this from happening, or should I try to break the chain and start from scratch by re-syncing my ~dozen, or so devices? I believe the problems began occurring after the last major update in the Spring, or early Summer, but it’s continued to be a nagging issue that I cannot seem to resolve on my own. Appreciate any pro-tips to try and get this figured out.

I honestly don’t even recall which “Windows Desktop” machine Brave is referencing, but I assume it was a virtual machine I had spun up for various testing purposes and may, or may not still be accessible. I tend to create and destroy them as needed.

Actual Result:

Reproduces how often: Every time Brave browser seems to sync devices.

Operating System and Brave Version): Version 0.67.125 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) & Brave Browser V 1.2.0 for Android & Parrot OS 4.7 Linux version.

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My personal advice use Brave sync at your own risk. It is very incomplete in my view. Once it gets better I would consider it for myself. I can’t comment much on something I would not use myself

Thank you for your input, sir. I do understand that some of these features are very much a work in progress and I’ve acknowledged the fact I’m dealing with beta software, was just curious if anyone had similar experiences, or if I could potentially submit logs in hopes of helping out the dev teams. I’ll probably break the chain and start from scratch and see if I have better luck, as you can see from the screenshot I’ve got a number of devices that are listed twice, again I believe did to the major version change however long ago.

Sync screws up the Bookmark Bar by replacing/adding items without notice. Nothing seems to fix that - tried erasing, re-importing… its a complete mess. I had to stop synchronising bookmarks - it just doesn’t work. Looks like I’ll be going back to Chrome until basic functions like bookmark sync works again (and Brave-Android stops crashing).

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I’ve disabled Bookmark sync, unfortunately I had same/similar experiences as @Patbouvry – however, i will not be going back to Chrome. I’m exporting my Bookmarks to an HTML file, uploading to cloud drive space and importing those bookmarks back to my other machines/devices. The old fashioned way. I know it’s hardly ideal, but I plan on sticking with Brave for the long haul, unless something were to drastically change.

That being said, Edge Chromium is a decent alternative if you’re unhappy with the current functionality, but it’s just been a backup browser for me at this point. It’s pretty close to being ready for prime-time. YMMV.

I’ve also noticed that Sync-Bookmarks is turning back on automatically, screwing up my bookmarks again on all my computers. Way to go! So I’ll save my bookmarks and reload them manually everywhere for now, but BRAVE is really testing the limits of usability and patience of their users, in addition to some sites not loading (have to use another browser) and the Android app crashing repeatedly. Not very serious at all - losing credibility.

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