Bookmark manager scroll jumps to the top

I’m requesting for the existing bug with the Bookmark Manager to be actioned that has been reported in at least 14 duplicate bugs and is still unresolved since 2020!

When you have a large list of bookmarks (such that you have to scroll down to view them all), if you:

  • Delete a bookmark from the long list, the page will automatically jump to the top from where you are in the list
  • Move a bookmark by dragging it from the list into another folder, the page jumps to the top of the list

This can be frustrating for users trying to organize a long list of bookmarks, since jumping to the top of the page every time causes them to lose their place in the list. Behavior should be that after each/any action, users position in the list/on the page should stay the same.

Latest stable version affected:
Version 1.65.132 Chromium: 124.0.6367.202 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Some of the related bug reports:


I totally agree with you! People have enough of this bug and has been reported to development team so many times now. They don’t care at all about us! I don’t understand how seriosouly hard is to fix this mess once in for all for everyone. I manage hundred and hundreds of bookmarks and this idiotic bug where you delete a bookmark and resets back to the top and you lose your place is serious what idiot on your team designed this and refuses to fix it? So many of us have enough after you pushed that disasterous bookmark manager update.

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It’s better than it was. In the past if you selected a bookmark in a long list of bookmarks, within a minute the page would scroll to the top. That isn’t happening for me now. Though when deleting a bookmark it will jump to the top of the page. That is something that didn’t happen before.

I haven’t tried reordering bookmarks in a long time because it didn’t work for me.

Edit: I left the bookmarks manager page open for a long time while writing this post. When I returned to the bookmarks manager page, more than fifteen minutes had passed. The page did scroll to the top automatically. I don’t know how long it took for that to happen. The last item that had been selected was still highlighted.

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