Bookmarks Manager STILL JUMPING

I searched for this problem and found a thread about it. Then months later the problem is still happening for me. I’m using POP!_OS. When I open the Bookmarks Manager to view bookmarks in a folder two levels deep (bookmarks manager>folder>folder>individual bookmarks) I will be looking at the bookmarks reading them (I’ve got lots in this folder) and after a few seconds the page will shift to the top of the list.

For added information, the first jump happens about ten seconds after scrolling to the bottom of the list. Then after it jumps and I return it to the bottom, it took twenty-two seconds. Then after returning it to the bottom it took longer.

While making this report it stopped for three minutes. I wondered what had happened. So I closed that tab and opened a new Bookmarks Manager page. I navigated to the folder with that long list and scrolled to the bottom. Within ten seconds it jumped. The next was longer as written above. This problem makes it very difficult to find what I want because of the constant shifting. If this list were just of ten things I would have found the thing before the shift happens.


Try this (for Windows or equivalent for Macos and linux):

  1. While in Brave, hold CTRL+SHIFT+N, and try in the private windows that opens to see if the problem persists. If the problem is gone, one of your extensions may be the cause.

  2. If problem persists, open brave://flags/ and Click Reset All at the top (I suppose you haven’t changed any feature in flags); Then restart Brave.

When on the private window, clicking Bookmarks Manager opens the Bookmarks Manager in a new tab on the normal window, not within the private browsing window.

I have not done anything to the flags or with experimental features. I did click reset for that after your instruction.

I turned off ALL extensions and tested the problem. The problem persists. The bookmarks list as described above (or below) still jumps back to the top of the list every few seconds.

Would you mind trying to create a new test profile (ensure you close the original profile window you had open), try reproducing the issue, and tell me if Brave behaves the same way when using it?

I have a similar issue with Brave 1.42.88 on Windows 10.

In the bookmark manager, whenever something (doesn’t matter bookmark or folder) is moved or deleted, the user gets sent back to the top of the list. This happens TWICE: once when the ‘undo’ option pops up at the bottom of the window, and again when the ‘undo’ disappears if the user has tried to scroll while the ‘undo’ was still visible. It is extremely annoying when the bookmark list is long.

I have observed this behavior across different versions of Brave on several machines belonging to different users, so I doubt it is in any way connected to the profile. In my experience (since June 2021) the bookmark manager has ALWAYS behaved in this way. I (and others) have simply lived with it, but when I came across this thread I thought I would chime in.

It would be nice if the user were left at the change site: the deletion point, or where something was moved from (if moved to another folder), or where something was moved to (if moved within the same folder). There is no reason to keep redrawing the list from the top and less reason to keep moving the user there.


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