Bookmarks Manager Menu Automatically goes to top when deleting a bookmark or when leaving the page

There appears to be a bug in the new version of Brave Version 1.59.117 Chromium: 118.0.5993.70 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Every single time I delete a bookmark that maybe somewhere down a long list it automatically takes me to the top list when the notification comes that the bookmark was deleted and this is so annoying and makes no sense. In the previous versions when you deleted a bookmark, it just deleted that bookmark tab and left you in place. Can you please make a fix on this annoying feature someone implemented in this new version. Makes no sense at all!

Also another mess with the new update is if I am at a particular location in the bookmark manager and go to another tab and come back the bookmark manager again resets back to the top, this is so annoying and unnecessary whoever made this update. The last versions I was able to stay in the place I was looking at, and also when I deleted a bookmark and never reset to the top.

Also another dumb thing, when dragging a bookmark to another folder, again this dumb thing after it’s in the new folder the bookmark manager again resets back to the top and I lost the place where I was.

brave://bookmarks - Bring back the old update or make a fix , this stinks and is dumb how it keeps resetting back to the top after you have set in a particular location and go to another tab to check something and boom you visit the bookmarks manager again and it got reset to the top.

Any updates from Brave Developers about this issue being fixed please?

Can a developer please make an update, this so annoying when you have a large amount of bookmarks to manage and when you delete one it automatically resets to the top instead of staying in place. The last version did not have this problem until you guys made the redesign a week ago.

I have the same problem. Any updates?

I can reproduce the issue where it jumps to the top of the page when a bookmark is deleted and dragging the bookmark from one folder to another. Navigating away from the manager to another tab and. then back I cannot reproduce however.

Worth mentioning that this is a bug and not a feature.

I’ve logged an issue for our developers to review:

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Several updates to Brave since this glitch started and no resolution. Disapointing.

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Will this ever be fixed?

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Doesn’t seem like this is getting fixed anytime soon. :confused:

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