(BUG) In brave browser desktop, dragging or deleting any bookmarks anywhere within "brave://bookmarks", brings it top, not staying where it is

(BUG) In brave browser desktop, dragging or deleting any bookmarks anywhere within “brave://bookmarks”, brings it top, not staying where it is.

This bug started with updated that were received since October 2023. Didn’t faced this with older versions.

I have too many bookmarks, it brings me on top, just wasted my time of dragging myself to down where I was before.

This bug is with all versions of Brave browser desktop.

Cant show any images but one can try doing this process in brave bookmarks and see it bringing to top any time after this process.

Thank you for reaching out to us.
I just tested this on my end and do not see the same behavior — for me, I’m able to move my bookmarks around and delete them as expected:

This behavior is the same on my Windows machine as well. Can you please confirm for me what version of the browser you’re using at this time? Can you also tell me if you have any extensions installed?

Not within but in folders and sub-folders. You have only one branch, not several like 1 main - 1.1 sub main - 1.1.1 sub-sub main and so on. Esp., when dragging them to another folder on the left tree panel which is missing in yours.

Three levels down seems to behave the same way — perhaps I’m doing it wrong? If I am doing this incorrectly, you could submit a short recording of this behavior using imgur.com as I’ve done:

You arent doing wrong but not exactly as I stated it.

First all of your bookmarks are on same window, no scrolling down or up. Limited only to one whole screen. Second, and I am talking about too many bookmarks, like I have over 50,000 in one profile and 20,000 in another profile, all foldered and sub-foldered.

In that case, why don’t you go ahead and make a short screen recording of the behavior so I can see exactly what you’re seeing instead of guessing, as you’re right — I do not have 50,000+ bookmarks, nor do I have the time to add that many.

Simply use any screen recording software you’d like (see here for suggestions for free recording software you can use if you don’t know of any), go to imgur.com, upload the recording there and paste the link into your reply. Your video will be automatically embedded into your post.

Thank you

Unfortunately I am unable to provide you any recordings due to bookmarks are personal.

If you cannot understand my issue. Just understand that if bookmarks are more than display window and if you drag from one from here to there either up or down or from one sub folder to another or vice versa, the bookmark page returns back to top.

This bug is even in new version of brave, which I received and installed.

Since you are adamant about reporting bugs, it may be more useful if you were to log them or, more importantly, search for them on our Github and add your findings to any bugs that are already listed. While I understand that what you are experiencing is slightly different, I imagine the cause is the same as this.

I’ve gone ahead and linked this report in the issue but I encourage you to do this yourself in the future.

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