Bookmark Manager Automatically Scrolling To The Top Of The Page

I have bookmarks within folders and sometimes a folder or two WITHIN a folder.

On my bookmarks bar is a folder icon. Within that folder are MOST of my bookmarks. Some of them are folders. When I open one of those folders there are many links. This way I quickly find what I seek and click the link.

Now, If the bookmark manager is opened (instead of using drop down menus) it opens in its own browser page. That page shows bookmarks and folders. At the end of each line on the right side of the page are three vertical dots that indicate more choices.

If I open a folder on that page, the window changes to show the contents of that folder exactly the same way as the original bookmark manager page. Each link has the same three vertical dots indicating more choices. In this folder are MANY bookmarks. If I scroll down and stop to look at what is there, within ten to thirty seconds the entire page will automatically scroll to the top of the bookmarks list. It’s like trying to read a long article on a page and the browser keeps scrolling to the top of the article every few seconds. I HATE THIS!

This happens on my Chromebook w/Linux AND my POP!_OS GNU/Linux laptop. I don’t have any Windoz or crApple Machines. I previously reported that this behavior wasn’t happening on the Linux machine. That was incorrect. I have since found why the scrolling didn’t happen. Here it is.

If the bookmark manager is opened. Then a folder is opened and the bookmarks are shown, the automatic scrolling will happen if I’m looking at bookmarks far down the list. The way the scrolling will stop, is if any bookmark is clicked and that causes it to be highlighted. Any highlighted bookmark will prevent the automatic scrolling. Now that I know this, the problem is ameliorated, but it isn’t fixed.

The page should not be automatically scrolling upward.

I have found that on my computer, the initial page of the bookmark manager WILL NOT automatically scroll up if I am viewing the last of the bookmarks. Even if the page had to be scrolled down to get there. The automatic scrolling to the top of the bookmarks always happens inside an open folder on the bookmark manager.

Try it with one folder and then a folder within a folder. You will need enough bookmarks within the folders to make scrolling necessary.

In my experiments, the symptom of automatic scrolling to the top will stop after a few tries. This was in a folder within a folder. It was found that if I clicked up one folder and then up another folder to the opening page of the bookmark manager, then returned to the folder in a folder and scrolled down, the automatic scrolling will start again. This is a folder with at least one-hundred links. I don’t know if that is a factor. Please repair this bug.

Thank you for making the Brave browser and doing what you can to keep us safe.

Version 1.45.133 Chromium: 107.0.5304.141 (Official Build) unknown (64-bit)


Hello there @Smallwheels please accept my apologies for this inconvenience. Does disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings prevents this issue from happening?

You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

Let me know if that works.

Update February 14, 2023. I reported that the problem stopped on my Acer POP! OS machine. That was true. The problem has returned. I turned off hardware acceleration. It had stopped auto scrolling beforeemphasized text** clicking RELAUNCH; .and it seems to have stopped the auto scrolling on that machine. Maybe it was already fixed before I clicked relaunch. To be clear, auto scrolling up on my POP! OS machine was happening again and stopped when I moved the slider to turn off hardware acceleration but before clicking RELAUNCH.

I went to the Chromebook with GNU/Linux and opened the Bookmarks Manager page. The settings are still for allowing hardware acceleration, but the bookmarks are not automatically scrolling upward after a couple of minutes. The two computers are synchronized. Would the settings change in one affect the other?

Both are not on the same version. Both have at one time stopped scrolling and then it began again. As of now, neither are doing the auto scrolling after several minutes of observation. That is my update. I hope it helps in some way. If the problem returns I’ll try posting about it again.

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Hi again @Smallwheels could you please try updating both devices to the latest Brave version to see if this error does not happen.

Be waiting for your response.

@Smallwheels hi again, are you still experiencing this same issue or it no longer appears?

Please let me know.


On my GNU/Linux Pop!_OS the problem returned. It was happening the last time I used the Bookmarks Manager page. The return was more than a week ago.

Today I opened the Bookmarks Manager and did several things to see what would happen. I opened a folder within a folder and scrolled to the bottom. Nothing happened. I clicked one of the links to highlight it and then clicked the side of the page to remove the highlight. Nothing happened.

I clicked the three dots and used a link to open a new tab. Then looked at the new tab and returned to the Manager. I clicked the side to remove the highlight. Nothing happened. Then I selected the three dots and opened a link in a new window. Then I returned to the Manager page to remove the highlighted link. Nothing happened.

Then I did the same in the Chromebook using Crostini and GNU/Linux. The links on the Bookmarks Manager page did not automatically scroll to the top.

On the Pop!_OS machine, hardware acceleration was turned off and the continue running background apps when Brave is closed is on. On the Chromebook, hardware acceleration remained on and the Continue running background apps when Brave is closed is off.

As of this moment the Bookmarks Manager page within a folder within a folder is not automatically scrolling to the top of the page on either computer. I might change the hardware acceleration settings and see what happens. The browser needs to be restarted to change the settings.

This problem has stopped in the past and then returned. I hope that this time it is permanently fixed. Thanks to all who have been working on this and keeping the browser safe.

Now fix your search engine results to actually find information instead of just grabbing “authoritative sources” for data. The Brave search results look like Google results. That’s no compliment. That’s why I switched to Presearch for now.

Please try installing the Beta or Nightly version of Brave to see if the issue persists on those versions.

Hello Kevin. Later in that post I mentioned that both are functioning fine now. I just wrote that I hoped that it would remain functioning as intended. So far so good. There is no need to try the beta or nightly versions if it is functioning properly at this time.

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@Smallwheels no worries, my bad and thanks for letting me know.

If you have any other comments or concerns, please let me know or create a new post in order to further assist you.


Thank you. I appreciate it.

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