Bookmark Button?


So, at the moment, this is the only thing preventing me from moving over to Brave permanently…

The ability to add a bookmark, with no name, and it appear on the bookmark bar as an icon (screenshot below). I realize the dashboard is a similar concept, but it’s just not the same…

Could we look forward to a design feature like this in the future?

Great work otherwise! The browser looks great. Keep up the good work.


Hi @tractorface

Have you tried the setting in Preferences > General to show your Bookmarks Bar as favicons only?

16 PM

Take a look and let us know if this is what you’re looking for.



Ahh!! Thank you! Works beautifully.


Great! Glad to hear that @tractorface

Please continue to reach out with any issues, requests, or questions as they come up :slight_smile:



I have to say I have similar issue.
Seems like bookmark toolbars are currently trending. However, I cannot come to like them. To me they are a waste of screen real-estate.
That’s basically the main reason why I rejected Chrome right away.

If you are currently expanding on the design of your browser would you consider a classic bookmark button as seen e.g. in Firefox:

This could be placed next to the address bar or your Brave protection icon therefore taking up 0 screen real-estate.

Edge uses a similar approach in which a button opens a sidebar:

I like these button approaches way better than a dedicated bar since once you are on the site you wanted to be it gives way taking up 0 space on the screen.

I know I could access bookmarks via your menu short cut or the hotkey but that’s not very user friendly to me.
Going via the menu takes too long and I try to avoid hotkeys as much as possible because frankly there too many for too many programs.

Bookmark icon next to reload/home icons

it would be fixed when toolbar customization will be implemented in a future version. Though I cannot promise the date when, it’s on our task list.

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