Bookmark button - Option to remove

I know that this suggestion have been made many times in here, but i think is time to address it once again.

The “Add to bookmark” button is just plain unnecessary for most of the users. While in Chrome the option is a little more “hidden”, in Brave is right next to the “home” button. This can lead to many false presses - i myself have a few bookmarks “empty” because i clicked in this button instead of the Home.

I think a quick and simple option to disable this button is enough, so everyone is happy:

  • Who uses the button, can still mantain it on the UI
  • Who doesn’t use the button, can hide it

A option to add it to the address bar - like Chrome - can also be helpfull. So is not hidden, and can still be used, but is more optimized in the UI to avoid acidental clicks.

Hope to see this as a positive thing to make Brave better to everyone :slight_smile: