Please bring back bookmark library toggle to bottom toolbar on latest version

Hi there - have been loving Brave so far, much much faster than chrome, both on my laptop and oneplus 6.

There’s one feature that I really loved which was brought in recently - on the bottom toolbar on android, there used to be a bookmark icon to toggle the list of favourites/bookmarks rather than having to click the 3 dots on the right to bring up bookmarks taking 2 clicks.

This awesome button has been replaced by an ‘add bookmark’ button which I would use much much less and I find myself clicking that button a lot inadvertently and adding bookmarks I don’t want to add.

Please add the customisation ability to change out the ‘add bookmark’ button on the toolbar for a ‘toggle bookmarks’ button.

Thanks & keep up the good work!

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I came to the forum for the first time, and signed up for it just for the sole purpose of saying…


After having the bookmark viewer button, or whatever it’s called, I vastly prefer it to the “add bookmark” button in the bottom menu. I think the old menu is so much better that I had no doubt that someone would have beat me to this request.


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And if it turns out less popular, please make it a setting. Thank you

I’m new to Brave and I like it very much, essentialy because it’s fast and also because of the clever originality of the reward program.
I would also like to have access to my bookmarks with only one action. It may seem ridiculous, but to make only one tap, instead of two or three, like it is actually, would be a great improvement. A bookmark viewer button would definitely be a great feature.
Kind regards.

+1 on also coming here only for this reason. I cannot picture the conversation where they made this decision. A swipe plus 2 clicks to add a bookmark compared to 3 to open one seems way backward.

Plus that 3 to open bookmarks is a swipe to the bottom, then a click 75% up the screen. It often requires regripping the phone for what has to be one of the most common oops done.

Brave, do you guys have some metrics on how often each of the functions are accessed?


Big +1
Please bring back the Bookmarks button!
And on the same note, also bring back the New Tab (+) button instead of that useless Search button (we can already search by tapping the address bar).

+1 Not a huge user of the bottom toolbar but recently when I tried it out once again I noticed this thing had changed and honestly the other way it’s way better