Please bring back bookmark library toggle to bottom toolbar on latest version


Hi there - have been loving Brave so far, much much faster than chrome, both on my laptop and oneplus 6.

There’s one feature that I really loved which was brought in recently - on the bottom toolbar on android, there used to be a bookmark icon to toggle the list of favourites/bookmarks rather than having to click the 3 dots on the right to bring up bookmarks taking 2 clicks.

This awesome button has been replaced by an ‘add bookmark’ button which I would use much much less and I find myself clicking that button a lot inadvertently and adding bookmarks I don’t want to add.

Please add the customisation ability to change out the ‘add bookmark’ button on the toolbar for a ‘toggle bookmarks’ button.

Thanks & keep up the good work!



I came to the forum for the first time, and signed up for it just for the sole purpose of saying…


After having the bookmark viewer button, or whatever it’s called, I vastly prefer it to the “add bookmark” button in the bottom menu. I think the old menu is so much better that I had no doubt that someone would have beat me to this request.




And if it turns out less popular, please make it a setting. Thank you