Bookmark Button - Title already used

I tried using Brave today, after just a couple hours I’m back on Chrome. My biggest complaint is the placement of the bookmark button, after adding my 12th bookmark I was done. It doesn’t matter what else the browser offers if I’m annoyed with it every 20 minutes.

My feedback is, improve the UX. There are multiple feature requests to improve different parts of the UX, and they sit unanswered. If you want more average users and wider acceptance, try working on the new user experience.

Also, not being able to post on a forum because the title has already been used is… well poor UX.

You didn’t mention

  • the platform (Android, Linux, Windows…)
  • the actual issue, ie, more detail than “the bookmark button”

I’m not associated with the Brave team, but a software engineer of many years - feedback lacking any sort of detail is not actionable.

EDIT: I checked the Android, Linux, and Windows versions, and with each, the Bookmark button is in plain sight and easily selected via mouse (or keyboard using Tab) and finger tap on smartphone.