Feature request: Icon link for bookmark/history (or customise toolbar)


I’ve been using Brave for about an hour or so and it has almost everything that I need (Lastpass, Web Inspector, in-core adblocker, etc.). I know that Brave is still on Beta and I hope that I am posting this into the right channel.

A similar topic here re: history, but mine is a little bit different:

A similar topic re: bookmarks here (to support the case):

Follow ups here:

I often use browser for full-reading experience, exclusively using mouse for keeping tabs on different web pages. On different browsers, I will either hide the menu bar or toggle full screen view. Utilizing mouse, single-handedly, and not using keyboard at all, I can skim through history with a single click (on FF with customized toolbar) or a maximum of 2-clicks (on Chrome or standard FF). I do this for bookmarks as well.

Screenshot of my browser info:

Screenshot of FF toolbar customization:

I wish that these small but useful features can be implemented, I am sure others may benefit from this as well.