How do you add a bookmark toolbar button?

Hi, I see an extension toolbar button, and I also see a menu button with three lines in the upper right on my Brave browser. Now I would like to customize it and have a bookmark button also so I can quickly and easily save page addresses without having to click the three lines.

Is this possible? I saw another thread but people giving help didn’t seem to understand the original poster’s question. They thought he just didn’t know how to save bookmarks at all and kept telling him to use the three lines.

We would like to have a toolbar button specifically set to bookmark pages. It would always be visible like the extensions button.

Are you talking about this??

No, I am talking about exactly what I typed. The three lines on the right and the extensions button. I would like a bookmarks button next to it.

Ok sorry. Maybe for that reach out to @Mattches or @GreenBananaPorridge to request it as a new feature?

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Here is an image of Firefox with the bookmark option in yellow, and the starred area is outlined in red under the existing Brave browser of the same area. Brave has no bookmark option.


Hey @tigerprowlusa ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

So you are asking to move the bookmark button from the left side of the address bar to the right side, beside the menu icon (the button with the 3 lines)

What @HighPriestess42 took a screenshot of is the bookmark button on Brave.


Thank you @GreenBananaPorridge for the clarification. I had no idea that was for bookmarks (on the left). I suggest either moving the existing icon to the right side or changing it to something like a star or heart. My attention was on the right side. Perhaps, other users will also overlook that icon since it is not easily recognizable.

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