Did not receive BNB sent to my wallet


I sent some BNB to my wallet about one week ago and it’s still not reflecting in my wallet. I’ve checked on the binance scan and the transaction is completed and verified. Can anyone assist?

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Did you add the token tot he visible asset list? We aren’t auto discovering new assets yet but we have an issue tracked to do that. You can add tokens to your visible list in brave://wallet

Hi Brian, thanks for the feedback. I don’t understand the question. Could you please elaborate?

Just in case you didn’t want to wait (it’s after normal business hours in USA). I think he is talking about this…

  1. Login Brave Wallet
  2. Click the “Visible Assets” button at the bottom of the Portfolio page
  3. Click “Add Custom Token” at the top of the list

Apologies if I butted in!

I appreciate that. Yes, I certainly have. Screenshot enclosed. Screen on the

I’m also adding the bscan screen shot confirming the test transaction went through, but the balance is not reflecting in my wallet.

Did you add the network manually by inputting data individually? It might be wrong.

Delete the existing BSC chain and add the chain via https://chainlist.org. Type BSC into the site search bar, then click on connect wallet, then authorize the interaction of site with wallet. The BSC mainnet will be added to your wallet. Your BNB might be visible in the wallet.

If it’s still not working please go to brave://settings/wallet/networks and edit the BSC network there. Then take a screenshot of it and paste here. Thanks!

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