Block Ads on the Browser

I use uBlock Origin on the browser but I see on Brave Settings Shields, that “Trackers & ads blocking” and “Block fingerprinting” return to Enable.

Hello @Rape

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Could you please share the following information:

1 - What kind of device and OS do you have?
2 - Have you updated to the latest Brave version?
3-A screenshot of the issue.

Be waiting for your response!

1 I have a Desktop PC with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021
2 Yes, I have latest version.

P.S. I have open Brave and I go on Shields and are On; the three options. Not remain saved.
Sorry for my English

Hi again! @Rape

Thanks for your reply we appreciate the details. Could you kindly try creating a new profile by going to main menu > create a new profile to see if the issue persist? without changing any setting within Brave.

Let us know if that helps!

Persist, I have created a new profile…
If I use CTRL+SHIFT+CANC restore to default not remain saved the configuration.

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