Bitwarden extension

Description of the issue:
Can not log-in to Bitwarden using the extension. It just states user name or password incorrect, when they’re correct.

How can this issue be reproduced?
No idea!

Expected result:
I would expect to be logged in with no error message

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
After searching…

  • I removed the ! from the password (worked for others) and it is now letters and numbers only
  • I checked that on shields were set to Allow All Cookies

The extension works on all other browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera.

OS Windows 10

I use bitwarden here, nothing from Brave’s perspective that would impact user/pass to login details. Would triple check the right user/password combo is used. No caps lock, space bars etc.

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Thank you, but as I stated, I KNOW the user and passwords are correct. I have been trying to get it to work for 2 days now.

Whilst I really want to use Brave, this problem makes it impossible.

Well, I really wanted to use Brave, but not having access to Bitwarden is a deal breaker, and it seems that nobody can help me with this.

@fanboynz Is there anybody from Brave that is able to help?

Try copy/pasting the password rather than typing, just re-state; nothing from Brave’s perspective that would impact user/pass to login details. Extensions aren’t touched by Brave shields or anything that would interferre with it.

Myself I use a yubikey+BW+Brave, but regardless of browser it will work. Try in a different Brave profile, maybe try in Brave beta?

@babrees I just spent a couple of hours trying to figure this out and searched the interwebs for a solution. Some threads I read from various sites gave me leads to the cause THEN I FIGURED IT OUT!

THIS IS CAUSED BY BRAVE and the following change I made resolved the issue for me.

This is with Linux, but should work on Windows.

    • In Brave: Settings > System > Always keep these sites active > Add
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In November 2017 - under Windows - I switched from using LastPass to BitWarden. Mid/late 2022, I set up dual-boot, using Linux (Debian Bullseye - I haven’t yet upgraded to Bookworm).

Under both Windows and Linux, BitWarden worked - and continues to work - flawlessly both in Brave and other browsers - not requiring any Special Treatment along the lines of what @Technogeeeker suggests. I just used BitWarden - with no problems - to log into community.brave to post this comment.

This raises a question neither @babrees nor @Technogeeeker address: what other extensions (if any) have you installed in Brave? I have a few (very few) other extensions installed. There’s no conflict. But random extensions can conflict with each other.

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