BitWarden extension doesn't work

Hi, I downloaded Brave as I wanted to try to switch to it from Opera GX. However I have issues with BitWarden extension, I simply can’t log in, I am getting error code 7. For the record, I tried to delete cache (even I just downloaded the browser) and cookies, checked that browser has most updated version and also updated extension in dev mode in extension tab. Nothing changed, still getting the same error. I can log in in normal window, though extension doesn’t work. Does anybody has idea, how to fix it or if it’s issue on BitWarden/Brave side? Extension does work fine in Chrome and Opera GX from my experience.

Thanks in advance for help.


OS: Windows 10 64 bit, update 22H2
Brave: 1.57.49

Bitwarden user here, can you try to re-install the extension?

@UpdatedCake I posted a solution in another thread/topic that may help, but the error message you posted may be caused by being connected to a VPN.

Bitwarden extension

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