Binance Pegged SHIBA INU wont show

I transferred SHIBA INU tokens to my brave wallet a few days ago with no issues. They showed in my wallet no worries but ended up as Binance Pegged. Noob mistake thought nothing of it.

This morning the tokens had disappeared. The transactions shows on Bscscan and etherscan. It does not appear as I have been hacked or had the coins moved. Other coins I owned (non pegged) are showing as they were in the wallet normally.

I can add the token manually but then the balance shows 0 so am not sure if I am doing everything correct as some info I have tried is old.

Is the issue occurring on a specific network? Im uncertain

What operating system are you using? windows 10 64-bit

Brave Version (check About Brave):
Brave is up to date
Version 1.64.116 Chromium: 123.0.6312.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information: I have uninstalled and re-installed the wallet numerous times with no luck. Im not sure if I have lost the tokens or if there is some way I can regain access and get them out of brave wallet?

Hello! Please try removing the token you added and try again with this information.

Contract: 0x2859e4544C4bB03966803b044A93563Bd2D0DD4D
Decimals: 18

Additionally, if you enter your wallet address into BSCScan, you should be able to see all tokens in full on the BSC network.

Thank you.

I have done this numerous times. Did it one more time following your instructions to be sure and get the same result.

Binance-Pegged Shiba Inu shows 0 tokens in Brave wallet.
It was there after transfer from Binance with the correct value for over 24 hours.

On BscScan the value is showing the correct amount of tokens and value, does not show any further action on the wallet, as in they have not been transferred anywhere else. They are sitting in limbo unable to be accessed through Brave wallet as they once were.

I can hide but can not remove or edit the Binance-Pegged SHIBA INU token to ensure the one listed there has correct details, the one automatically filled by Brave.

@Missi can you show tx for the transaction on bscscan? I’m wanting to see if there might be something that is being misunderstood on the asset bought and/or what network it’s on. Seeing the tx will confirm which token, network, etc. Also helps to affirm that it should be there and not still pending or something.

Thank you. Its


The transaction had been fully completed at the binance end and were showing in my Brave wallet for a day or 2 before it disappeared.

At first all my assets had disappeared the in the Brave wallet but the other 2 showed again normally after logging out/in but the Binance-Pegged Shiba Inu hasnt shown up.

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@Missi if you don’t mind me starting over at the beginning here, you mentioned manually adding. Perhaps this could be part of an issue. Did you ever try to just activate it in your available assets? It should have existed there and when you went to manually add, should have seen something like:

So just wanting to see if you actually manually entered or if you just means you enabled available assets. To clarify the difference, what I mean is I just went into Wallet and hit the image icon to open visible assets settings.


If I then clicked on Available Assets on the top right, we end up with below:


If I type in Shib I ended up with below:

You should just have been able to hit the + sign next to the Binance-peg one and it would show.

And yeah, if you typed in Shiba it wouldn’t have appeared. This is something that Wallet team should likely change, as the name is “Shiba Inu” and not sure why then “Shiba” wouldn’t show Binance-Peg Shiba Inu token.


Just wanting to try to understand if it really was manually edited and if something screwy might have happened there

Then of course, just have you double check, is the account address you had it sent to correct?

@Evan123 think you can pass along a note about getting the search term on available assets to work better? Like I shared, why would it not show up under Shiba but it will show up if you type in Shib? Not sure what other tokens are like that, but searching by name should pull up anything with the name.

What you posted is the steps I took when I first noticed that it was not in the list but the balance is 0.

I tried to delete it to re-add it in case any settings were incorrect but it would only let me hide it. I tried to add another one but it keeps saying token already added.

So yeah a bit stumped. Appreciate any help trying to figure it out. I scoured the web for answers but found nothing that worked.

still have this issue … any new ideas?

@steeven @Evan123 been about a month with no follow-up. Just wanted to tag again to put on your radar again

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Could you provide the details used to add the token? Thank you!

The steps I took are outlined in the above messages with Saoiray. The images he posted is the exact steps I have taken numerous times and have included a screenshot of my wallet showing 0 balance as well as the transaction I sent from Binance that is not shown.

The strange thing is when I transferred the Shiba Inu it was there no issues after transfer. I encountered some glitch next morning where my wallet showed 0 balance for all tokens I had. I re installed my brave wallet as it was a solution suggested in another thread somewhere. All other tokens I had that showed 0 returned to reflect what should be there but not the Shiba Inu. That is when I had to re-install the Shibu Inu token to the wallet and it has shown 0 balance ever since.

There is option to hide the token but it wont let me delete the token. It displayed an edit button at one point but now there is no edit button either.

Im stumped.

@Evan123 Hello?
Is there any way to get my Shiba Inu to show in my brave wallet or has the Brave wallet glitched to a point Ive lost my tokens? I’ve followed all steps above as outlined by @Saoiray who seems to be the only active help. Been over a month Ive been trying to get help on this as well as trying to be patient.

Can you update to the latest version of Brave?

Unfortunately, I’m unable to replicate the issue and am able to view the BSC-pegged Shiba token in my wallet.

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 6.05.36 AM

This token was added automatically for me and no manual input was needed.

Please note, the token is not lost, it is stored on the blockchain. Your wallet gives you access to the token on the chain. It is never stored directly in your wallet.

Please let me know if you see any changes on 1.65.123. Thank you!

As you can see Brave is up to date.

These are the settings in the settings area. I have also tried selecting the options as extension with Brave being fallback to have the same result.

This is page just hangs with the spinning icon and now will not import wallet back to my PC based Brave web browser.

If I try import with the private key I get this.

brave 7

I have cleared cache. I have uninstalled then clean re-installed the browser. I have pulled my hair out and considered throwing my computer against the wall. This is my first time using Brave Wallet and the ONLY place I can seem to import the wallet to is my phone now via my seed phrase.

I sent from Binance to my Brave wallet. It showed there initially with no problems. The next day all my balances had disappeared. The Binance Peg Shiba Inu was the only one that didn’t show automatically again so had to add and did so following the instructions outlined by Soiray.

When I mentioned adding manually, I meant that I had to add the token … as per the instructions given here by Soiray (meaning it was not initially showing in the wallet automatically and had to add it from the drop down list).

As you can see it shows 0 balance.

How the token shows on my phone wallet

the token settings within the wallet and blow is the version on my phone … I cant seem to update it so can only assume this is the latest version for my phone?

It should be showing the balance of this transaction

I have my balances from Solana Account Showing
0 balance on ETH address, however the ETH address in the wallet is not the same as the address that the Brave wallet generated for me to send my Shib to which was :

I am at a complete loss.

Has the Brave wallet lost access to my tokens? This has been a terrible first experience using Brave Wallet.

I have only ever had 1 Brave wallet with the same recovery keys used on each import.
Finding this very difficult to figure out why I cannot access my Shib.

What am I missing?

So I am still trying to figure this out and stumbled across something. I dont know if its important/relevant or not but worth asking.

On the bscscan site viewing the transaction it shows the token contract address for SHIBA INU as

In the Brave wallet it is shown as follows. I have shown the differences in bold.


As you can see the addresses kind of match but don’t. Is the address in the Brave wallet incorrect? It won’t let me edit the address to test it. It only allows me to view it.

The BINANCE-PEGGED SHIBA INU token address currently in the Brave wallet is what was automatically input when I selected it from the drop down list to add it to my assets.