FYI: Added 2 NFTs to Visible Assets that are No Longer Displaying

Description of the issue:
This is just an FYI. I added 2 NFTs to Brave Wallet that are no longer displaying. Haven’t tried to add them back yet. Pretty sure they were there yesterday, but today poof. Just notifying you in case wasn’t aware and would like to know.

Particulars that I remember…

  1. Polygon Mainnet
  2. One was just displaying square with info under (ERC-1155?) that I think I bought on the Opensea marketplace
  3. One displayed accurately but can’t remember which marketplace I used

Are you using the (new) Brave Wallet or the (old) Crypto wallets implementation?
New Brave Wallet

How can this issue be reproduced?

Brave Version (check About Brave):
Version 1.49.132 Chromium: 111.0.5563.147 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
Let me know if you want any additional info

Ugh, not just NFTs, dropping tokens I’ve already added as visible assets too. Which is a pain. Hopefully, the displays will come back. The dropped tokens were not well known and some only had very small balances, but still, shouldn’t happen. I’ll have to go try and figure out what was dropped and add back in, especially those with balances. Estimating about $10 worth of token balances were dropped - maybe, not sure, can’t really remember how much $ I had across all networks.

I didn’t know I would have to reconcile every transaction and keep the info externally to cover my butt. Shouldn’t have to do that anyway. Like using a spreadsheet and then writing it down in some hard-copy ledger because the dang spreadsheet keeps losing the entries you’ve made.

Additional Feedback:
After my first experience with Brave Wallet about a year ago (not good), I swore to myself that I wouldn’t use again until documentation came out (never say never lol). Well, decided to give it a shot again after seeing the Layer3 ad but appears even with all the work and new features, the stability just isn’t there yet. I will probably use a different wallet now. As a user, losing information and repeating actions that I’ve already performed once should never happen and is just plain irritating. Not cool.

Update: Both the NFTs and the Tokens are back. Just so you know, added back approximately $13 to balance. :wink:

Still, this shouldn’t happen in a live, active wallet scenario imo. This sort of thing happens in test environments. Just causes user confusion and panic, especially for inexperienced users (still there myself - I have a long learning curve lol) and in my case, trust-level plummets and may take a while to get back up.

When the browser loses settings or stored info, I take it in stride for the most part. But I take it very seriously if $'s are involved, even if it only involves a few cents here or there. Even if a problem is corrected, as in this case, leaves an uneasy feeling.

Another Update: Interesting. The wallet that is displaying correctly is in a different profile. Opened the wallet in two profiles. One is displaying correctly and one is not. The one not displaying correctly is the default profile.

Tried the following:

  1. Locked both wallets and exited all browser profiles.
  2. Reopened default profile and display still not accurate.
  3. Cleared browser cache for all time, exited and reopened and no change.
  4. Opened a different browser profile and accurate info displayed
  5. Checked web3 settings and on the default, had extensions entry. Pretty sure I had set this to Brave Wallet previously.
    *Changed settings to Brave Wallet, exited and reopened. Inaccurate info still displayed.
    *Changed default setting to none, inaccurate info still displayed.
  6. I do not use extensions, so nothing to try there.
  7. Took screenshots of wallet info in the one that appears to be accurate… or if not accurate, has a balance more in line with memory and is displaying more tokens.

I’m at a loss. No idea why this would happen. Going to stop stream of conscienceness posting for now. Getting frustrated. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Will update again if I run across anything else.

@Aman_M Hello, my friend. :grinning: Any insight or knowledge you can share on this matter? I’m now wishing I hadn’t deposited so much coin over the last few days. Well, it’s a lot for me - probably just chump change for most people. :laughing:

Added info: Only displaying accurately in 1/2 Release profiles. Inaccurate info in Beta and Nightly. When try to re-add missing tokens, nothing except main network token visible in dropdown list on inaccurate displays. Extended token list visible on dropdown in profile with accurate display. Cannot add tokens using Coinmarketcap or CoinGecko as usual either. Coinmarketcap looks like it adds, but does not display. CoinGecko gives a “token not supported” message.

Hi @Chocoholic, good to see you are trying Brave Wallet.

You can see all your assets on Polygonscan with your wallet address. But yeah you will have to add them in Brave Wallet to see.

I added ERC-721 NFTs on Ethereum and Polygon and they are displaying correctly. All my tokens cross different networks display just fine as well. A relaunch made no difference (no deletion).

However, Brave Wallets fails to display metadata/image of the ERC-1155 NFT on Polygon that I added. ERC-1155 tend to have a large string of numbers as their token id but not sure if it’s the issue. Neverthless, it displays just fine in Metamask. Will tag @Mattches @SaltyBanana to take a look.

And what do you mean by inaccurate info? If you can share the token info that could help.

Can you post SS of both of these inaccurate and accurate display where you are seeing them?

And I’m not sure if CoinGecko id is supported on Polygon. Someone from team will have to confirm.

@Aman_M I wasn’t worried (didn’t care) about the NFTs. They were cheap, cheap, cheap but I did go look and one of them is ERC-1155, which isn’t supported yet.

Isn’t that just Polygon network transactions? I was bouncing around Ethereum, Optimism, Avalanche, Polygon, and who knows what else. lol The point is, I shouldn’t have to go external to Brave wallet and see my transactions. If I added them once, the information should be available across all versions and profiles.

Every other wallet I have used, doesn’t matter what device, browser, profile, whatever I am using, or how many logins I have, the information stays static across the devices and instances. Like a one to many relationship. Might have to refresh the display, but that’s about it. Brave isn’t acting like that.

Usually when I add a token that’s not visible on a network, I just click to add and there is a dropdown with a list of tokens on that network. If the token I want to add isn’t in the list, I go to coinmarketcap, search for the token, and click the metatmask icon in the contract address, and the token is added.

There isn’t a dropdown with a list of tokens in the “inaccurate” displays. Only the main network token (e.g. MATIC for Polygon). When I go to coinmarketcap and click the metamask icon to add, it looks like it added, but when I go back to the wallet, it is not displayed.

Note: This is not demonstrating as it did yesterday. Maybe I just need to be patient and will be resolved over time. Still not cool that it happened at all.

Just posting the screenshots for you to kind of get an idea. It looks way better than it did yesterday when only the main token (and maybe one other in some profiles) was displaying. Also, in the search dropdown, the visible token lists are accessible across all profiles. NFTs are still only displaying in Profile2.

I’ll use Polygon network as an example. Remember, this is way different than it looked yesterday when nothing matched! lol Coming along quite nicely now. I’m curious to see if the zero amount tokens will be added back and if coinmarketcap add will work for all versions/profiles. If not, that’s definitely a deal breaker for me! Too much of a pain to add manually (for me anyway :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

  1. Release Default - “Inaccurate” Token Display; NFTs not displaying

  2. Release Profile2 - Token Display OK (I think, didn’t actually x-ref transactions to see if anything not there); NFTs displaying

  3. Beta

  4. Nightly

Thanks for getting back to me Aman. Sorry for the wall of text! Just seeing the improvement from yesterday has calmed me down a little. Otherwise I would be tearing my hair out right about now! :laughing:

Take care. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, only txs originating from the Brave Wallet are displayed in the Brave Wallet. And this is for every other wallet app that I know. They store only natively generated txs history and it can be cealred too. Blockchain explorers like Polygonscan are the only way to see full txs history on that network and are immutable.

And with regards to your assets (Tokens/NFTs) being shown automatically, even though you can see all your assets on the block-explorer of the network, It would be difficult to implemet and see all of them in Brave Wallet. A challenge here is to not show assets that could potentially be malicious (they can find their way in without us knowing and interacting with them can drain all assets on the network) and distinguish them from genuine ones. There could be other challenges too.

A lot of other wallet apps do have some kind of auto detection of assets but yeah not for every other assets. But yeah it should be trivial that at least native/main token of the network get auto-detected in Brave Wallet and I think it does at least this. It could be that only a specific network is selected to be displayed so assets on other networks aren’t visible.

This is just because of auto-detection on some asstes they have implemented. Wallet apps don’t communicate/Sync with one another even if they have same seed phrase/private keys. So assets that don’t have auto-detection enabled i.e. they need to be added manually, will have to added manually in all those apps/profiles as well. Hence :point_down:

And for-

The drop-down should show all the tokens added even if they are inaccurately displayed. Sometimes they are way down in the list.

Zero amount tokens should be addable and coinmarketcap should work too.

USDC, right? Not sure why. But I see it’s visible in Beta so it should find it’s way in Release in a few days, I think.

As a thumb kind of rule, NFTs aren’t auto-detected mostly unless they are way popular so they will have to be added in each profile most of the time.

Take care. :slight_smile:

@Aman_M Thanks again for input. The assets were displaying on Brave at one point. I always check when I do a send to Brave that the token is displaying and the transaction amount is valid. When I checked today on the most accurate profile (Profile2), tokens for the Mumbai network showed up! Didn’t even remember I played with that one! lol

I know the transactions are safe and sound on the blockchain and I will not lose any $. It is the display problem in Brave that is bothering me. If I send a token to Brave and make sure it is visible, it should be visible in perpetuity and across all Brave versions/profiles. Especially tokens that have a balance. That is still not happening.

One of these days I may go back and reconcile/verify everything myself. Just don’t have the motivation to do that. Mainly because this shouldn’t be happening at all. From now on, I’m going to severely limit my Brave Wallet usage.

Take care. :slight_smile:

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Yeah but unfortunately it’s not so straight forward. I guess we’ll have to adapt and add that token across profiles to see it’s balance. I told you a challenge that I know already. Hopefully more tokens will be auto-detected by default. :beers:

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