Binance to brave wallet, a coin did not arrive (solved)

Yesterday I withdrew the shiba coin funds I have in binance.
I used ERC20 protocol to send to my brave wallet account.
In brave wallet I customized the coin so that it could appear, in fact I can see the graphs with the values.
The problem is that it has never arrived from binance to my brave wallet account.
In Etherscan I can see that the process has been done completely and satisfactorily. I have the tracking and transaction number.
My brave wallet address is correct.
Still, the funds have not arrived in my account.
How can I get them back?
What happened?
Brave wallet is not compatible with ERC20?
I am waiting for your help.
Thank you.

I had similar problem. Try this-

Go to your withdrawal history on Binance and click on your txid, this will open your transaction details on BscScan.

From here copy contract address of the token that you sent (SHIBA INU) and add it in your account on Brave wallet on Ethereum mainnet, using custom tokens (keep decimal precision as 18).

This should show your balance. Do post an update, if it does.

Thank you very much for the information, I have managed to solve it thanks to you.
The problem was that I indicated the precision decimals wrong.
Best regards.

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