My crypto is disappearing from my brave wallet?

So i had some of my jmpt coin in my brave wallet some in bsc mainnet and some in polygon mainnet the jmpt coin in my polygon dissapeared when i checked today after 4-5 months and another thing is today i collected my stacked coin this is the transaction details ( the bnb for transaction approval was deducted from my walled which shows everywhere but i never got the crypto in my wallet the website says claimed the bscscan says successful but the brave walled shows nothing and in activities the last activity was the gas price i paid for stack claim but not the claim comming to my brave wallet ?? what is happening

@orironer just to be clear, Brave doesn’t auto populate every cryptocurrency in the world. So while we receive the tokens to our Wallet, it may not know to display it to us. When this happens, we have to either enable it if it’s something in Available Assets or we may have to add the information ourselves through Add custom asset. In doing so, we teach it that we want to see it and it should be able to then recognize and display what we have.

I’m not sure which guide might be best for you in understanding how this works. I have a small one I wrote and is pinned in the FAQ here on Community, which you can see at PSA: Current FAQ - #40 by Saoiray

Otherwise, you can view official Brave instructions/article via the Help Center at

yes mister Saoiray im not m-challenged enough to not know that as i said i already have some of the same token in my wallet which i can see as i already added it through custom asset what im missing is the token i clamed yesterday

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