I bought a coin with Brave and its not showing in my wallet

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i bought Fulcrum UNI iToken (iUNI) and its not showing in my walet, i bought eth before and thats showed up fine i was just wondering how i can access it?

@coolconga You will have to add this token as custom assets under visible assets. I think this is the token that you bought and details can be fetched here-

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Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain Explorer - another item possibly for your notes.

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@coolconga Sorry, hijacking your topic for a second. It is relevant in a roundabout way… lol

@289wk I don’t do the Brave Wallet thing. Too frustrating for me. :stuck_out_tongue: But see below…

@Aman_M I think you should start a topic with all the Brave Wallet posts that have helped other community members (including me!). It took me months to figure out what may or may not be useful information for the browser and rewards in general. And I still struggle with processing information. No way I can do this. Would take me forever. lol But you… piece of cake. :smiley:

For me, I not sure where to begin. Right now Ethereum is default network in Brave Wallet which will soon shift to Solana network. It may not be good time now to create topic detailing how to use Brave wallet.

Also topics tend to get lost over a period of time. Best is Brave does it in blogs or somewhere. And I think Brave will certainly provided more info on it.

I will happily try to solve some specific issues nevertheless.

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