Thanks To Brave Team

I just want to say thank you for everything you have done brave team. Nearly a year on brave browser, I don’t face many problems regarding rewards or anything. But whenever I’m confronted with a problem, I publish on the brave community and guess what not one that hasn’t been solved. Support them, they work hard I know how things work I’m a developer too. Give a shout-out to these guys.

Thanks a lot
@steeven, @Saoiray


If you think they solve all bugs, you haven’t looked very hard.

He didn’t say bugs. Just said doesn’t have many issues and when he does, it gets resolved.

Guessing doesn’t have to, as haven’t had issues to have to worry about. Not a single living person or anything we create is absolutely perfect. If you think it can be or all bugs are found and handled, then I’m not sure you’re living in reality. Especially when you consider the small team that is working at Brave. It’s not like they have the huge number of staff either.

Last numbers I saw, Brave had something like 162 employees. That’s marketing, sales, engineering, etc. If you’re comparing to places like Google that have over 100,000 employees, with people saying well over 40,000 developers.

Brave is doing darn good under the circumstances. Sure, they have flaws and can take a long time to resolve things, especially if you’re comparing to larger companies. But I’d say under the circumstances, they are doing wonderfully.

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It’s easy when Brave staff lock every single issue thread so people can’t reply saying their issue was resolved.
Like how when I reported an issue but they locked mine so I couldn’t say publicly they admitted there was an issue they could easily fix but still refused to do.

Where? I’m looking through your history now. The only one I am seeing so far that you made and is locked would be Ad-block updating and it was locked automatically because nobody commented on it for more than 30 days.

I mean, I see where you commented on other people’s topics, but most of them also had locked for inactivity. So please do show what you’re talking about…

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