Be able to Pin tabs in a group

As per now we can only pin tabs if outside a group. To be able to pin tabs (or make them in the same size with only logo) in a group will make screen real estate much more efficient. Then you could name your groups and color code them as well as not have them expand to much when expanding the groups.

As one who use groups to sepperate projects at work or even home/work related stuff they often contains some static pages that would be great to have in smaller sizes as a pin tab would be.

Something like Vivaldi’s accordion style group tabs or their second row of tabs would be nice. I’d even settle for Firefox-like tabs, where you can scroll along the tab bar and they’re all a specific, set length.

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If you click Ctrl + Left Click on a series of tabs then right click, you can group tabs together. You can select different colors and name the group. Click on the colored dot or the dot and the name you give it will expand the group. Click on the dot again, and the group will contract.

The request here is to be able to pin the tab group, like you would for a single tab. Things get disorderly pretty quickly when you start using this and things start getting jumbled together.

This is really needed- please support!