SS32: tab groups limitations

Suggestion (SS): 32 Classification : tab groups
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 5 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)

Tab groups limitations:

  1. no way to select the tab, right click and select “select all other tabs and move to a new group” (except pinned tab)

  2. same like 1 to add to current group or

  3. same like 2, where we simply select all tabs and then drag drop to group (solution 2 is better)

  4. once we merge to a group, you show the whole group, instead you should keep the group close (so add an option to keep group close after merge)

  5. no way to merge 2 group in 1 (even using drag drop)

  6. open close group tabs create problem to other tabs (see image). It takes some time before you show original size

  7. no way to add groups to pins --> if we click close other you delete the group --> if we click pin it, you lose group setting and manage tabs as normal tabs… after unpin we see single tabs…

8) tab groups collapse doesn’t work in brave, why? once you fix it, avoid what i showed in the picture, because both edge and chrome have same problem

plus what i already reported to you before:

  • all left tabs to group
  • all right tabs to group
  • all same domain to group (or even “add automatically tab from url … to group …”)

Is there a way to save the settings so when you open Brave the tabs will automatically be up?

i believe this is what you are asking about, in the On Startup section, set the option to Continue where you left off.
when you restart the app, all the tabes you had open will be there waiting for you.

i think brave developers should implement a pin function to the groups …
it could come handy for productivity focused users

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I agree, the tab groups tend to float around as you open new links, should be able to pin.