Permanent tab groups

I love the feature to create tab groups, it is probably the best thing to happen to browsers. But I find myself getting irritated that I have to make the same tab grouping every time I load up my browser.

I think it would be very helpful, and efficient if you could assign websites to a tab group permanently. Each time a root web address is opened, it would trigger a grouping on the browser.

For instance, every time I pull up any, I would like it to automatically start it’s own tab grouping. Anyone who knows Twitch, understands that you very often have multiple tabs open at the same time. The same goes for YouTube, Social Media, etc.

While I understand taking the few seconds to create groups is a minor inconvenience, this change could be a daily quality of life improvement.


I endorse. Could the Bookmarks Manager be enhanced to allow groups to be restored from the bookmark collection. Eg subfolders containing links, that will open as Grouped Tabs?

I may be misunderstanding, I don’t use tab groups, but I think this might already be available in Bookmarks if you Show Bookmarks. If I click on my bookmarks folder, there are many options to open group tabs. See pics below. Is this what you are looking for?

If I right click on the folder, these are the options displayed (just used main folder, but can drill down to subfolders):

The option to open in a new tab group does not appear to be available if you go thru the Bookmarks tab in brave://settings. Would it be more convenient to have it located in both places?

Again, I don’t use tab groups and I may be totally misunderstanding the problem! Please forgive my 2-cents worth if I am. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks. I can use that advice - just means reorganising my bookmarks. And about time to do so!