Grouping tabs with hide and expend features

I have many tabs opened with many groups for my work and it looks messy. It would be awesome if there a feature for hiding the tabs and then when needed click on the group name and it will expend and shows the tabs.

Thanks and regard

Feature is already there. Works as in Chrome: tab groups.

Hold down and click on the tabs you want to group or just right click on a single tab.

If you right-click on any of those tabs, you’ll see an option to “add tab to group”. You can create a new group of tabs or add the tab to an existing group.

If you don’t name the tab, it’ll create a colored dot on the tab bar. If you add a name, that will be visible. If you click on it, it will expand and your tabs will be visible.

Once a tab group is created, you can easily drag new tabs in our out of the group.

That does not appear to hide the individual tabs.
After creating and populating a tab group, both the group and the entire set of tabs still appear in the tab bar.

Just click on the group name to collapse/expand the group.

hi…is there a way for me to see the groups from my laptop brave browser, on a mobile brave browser…it seems as i can view all the tabs from my desktop, but not the groups…that would be soooooo nice :slight_smile: and effective…