Hide/Show tabs in a tab group

To help reduce tab clutter, please add a feature to hide/show the tabs that are in a particular tab group. With this feature, on could right-click on the group, and select “Hide tabs” (or “Collapse tabs”), so that the only thing that would remain visible would be the group tab itself. Similarly, right clicking and selecting “Show tabs” (or “Expand group”), would make all of the group’s tabs visible again.

People like you should should seriously click more around the browser before making these Feature Requests… is that too much to ask?

You are even literally duplicating a FR that you just commented on… what’s the point?

This is why Devs would never ever see these forum for any Feature Requests, for people like you.

But hey, literally, you only have to click the Group name and it will collapse… wow, how magical!!! :open_mouth:



if it doesn’t have name it will either be a circle with the color of the group tabs in Horizontal mode or an Empty space with the color next to it.



Anyway, Chromium, when you collapse groups it will freeze the tabs, unless it is playing audio or video, which will help also save system resources for the tabs that are useless in the background.

That is awesome and easy. Thank you Emi.

No, that is not too much to ask. I spend a long time researching before posting anything.

Before posting this request, I did explore numerous articles, and also all of the outstanding requests, but nowhere did I find anything that said or suggested that clicking on the group would collapse and expand its tabs.

I would appreciate it if you could point me to resources that contained that information. It will perhaps make it easier when I am searching for other features (such as perhaps two rows of tabs instead of one).