Tab renaming and pinning within groups

Hello, I am writing this ticket to request the addition of two features to enhance the user experience in your browser. I believe that implementing these features would greatly improve productivity and organization for users like myself.

Tab Pinning within groups
Please consider adding the ability to pin a tab within a group. This feature would allow users to highlight a specific tab within a group, ensuring quick visibility and accessibility, without mixing it with tabs from other groups.

Tab Renaming
I would also like to suggest the inclusion of a tab renaming feature. Currently, it can become challenging to keep track of the content of each tab when they are labeled with generic titles or page names. Enabling users to rename unpinned tabs would provide the opportunity to assign descriptive names that reflect the specific content or purpose of each tab. Personally, I tend to keep the same tabs open and this enhancement would greatly improve organization and ease of navigation, leading to a more streamlined browsing experience.

Thank you for your attention.