BATs still not showing in Uphold after 1.22.71 update

I have updated to the latest version of Brave, and my BATs still aren’t showing up in my Uphold account. I have verified my wallet (I have also disconnected and reconnected). I have well over the minimum withdrawal amount too. Is there anything I could do to fix this?

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Hi @Astrochamp, does your Android pass a SafetyNet test all right?

Also, how many wallets/ devices do you have linked to your Uphold currently?

Just ran the test – passed fine. I have previously linked 3 devices plus my phone to Uphold, but disconnected them via the Uphold app and reconnected only my phone and one computer.

Hmm… there is currently a permanent limit of 4 wallets/ devices to link to your Uphold… it sounds like you’re at that limit now…?

Same. I’ve never been able to see my hundreds of dollars of BAT in Uphold. I’ve pretty much given up any hope I ever will be able to and just consider it a loss. :confused: …which sucks they can’t get it fixed or come up with a solution. :man_shrugging:

You could hold it in the browser wallet and wait for the Gemini wallet, @smithkd0422 (and you, too, @Astrochamp ). Creators have the option to use it now, but regular users must wait for its implementation - which is said to be on the horizon. Gemini does not have such limits, so… there is hope for you to get your BATs, I think :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

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