200+ BAT dissapearred from balance, not fixed for weeks

Lost over 200 BAT on my Android mobile over 2 weeks ago and still hasn’t been restored. See below for my Brave version, I am on the latest version but still did not get fixed. What is going on?


Hello? Anything? No fix no help?

I beleive that you’re encountering an issue that is still only effecting a small set of Android users. As part of the next Android update, we will have some targeted debug information that users (such as yourself) who have encountered the issue can provide and help us get the problem resolved.

We appreciate your time and patience.

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Hi @Mattches - I got the latest updates and I still haven’t seen my BAT I lost recovered. I even connected to my uphold and only the lower amount flowed into my uphold account. Something is very wrong. Brave payouts still show 200+, but uphold and brave tallies show much less. What is going on? Have I permanently lost 200 BAT?

@Mattches here’s a current screenshot showing payouts that are clearly higher than the balance showing.

It looks like you’re using an Android device there – have you update to the most recent version of the app? This would be version 1.10.94 (at the time of writing this). If so, you should now have the ability to verify your wallet on Android w/Uphold the same way you can (and may already have) on Desktop.

Once you verify, your balances (that is, anything not pending) will merge and be added together in your Uphold account.

@Mattches thanks, yes I’ve done this and am still missing about 150 BAT. Any ideas?

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