BATs claimed but due to logged out wallet, it got disappeared. Where did it go?

So, I live in India and I am aware of the unsupported region issue. Last month on 23-June my wallet got logged out on its own and I couldn’t login again. Okay but my BATs were still there in the Estimated Earnings.

I had around 10.291 BATs that were supposed to be coming in June Payouts but due to unsupported region I figured it will stay in the browser. I still used to get this “Rewards will be arriving in 8days” notice and today that happened. I got a claim button and when I tried claiming, it got successful and my BATs were disappeared.

I have no idea where these BATs are gone now. All I have is these proofs. Cause I know this regional issue is long and will take time. But if these BATs could just stayed in the browser. It would have been great.

Please let me know if you understand what’s happening?

Sadly, INDIA is no longer supported.

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I am aware but my issue is not about that.

You mean what is gonna happen to the BAT you have earned so far?

Yes. Because I am not connected to wallet anymore.

That is the issue, INDIA is no longer supported.
Meaning you are not eligible to receive rewards until the INDIAN government allows Brave Rewards again.
Hopefully, someday you will be allowed again.

I am asking something else dude. I know it India isn’t supported anymore. But I received the claimed button and I claimed it. Then it disappeared. BATs should have stayed in the browser but it’s I guess I lost them now.

Exactly, you are not eligible to receive rewards.
If you think that you are entitled to rewards here submit a ticket good luck

hey dude. please try to understand his question. if you cant understand then avoid giving suggestion.

@maniesh if you had been connected to wallete before 7 july. i think you will recieve bat in your custadiol wallett. there is payout still processing. i also didnt recieved my payout.

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@maniesh Same issue i was logged out couple of weeks back and today i received my reward claim button when i pressed it i received it but after few minutes it disappeared. Now rewards is 0 and Browser shows i have already claimed rewards.

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It’s only exchanges that have suspended the service. Brave still provides rewards to the regions that are not supported by exchanges. Brave and exchanges are two different entities.
Brave doesn’t have any restrictions. And there is nothing to do with the government. It was a decision by exchange. those exchanges are still active in India. Only this is they have suspended support for Brave.

If you are not connected o exchanges then you should receive your rewards to your unverified wallets. This was the statement given by Brave.


Yeah maybe it’s stuck somewhere in the processing cause I think a lot of people have this issue now. I guess I will be waiting as well.

If anything happens and I do receive them. I will update here tho.

If you do receive it. Let me know please. This is a little confusing tbh.


Can you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our form there so we can take a closer look?

Thank you.

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Was your issue resolved ? I have raised a ticket. If your issue is not resolved then you can raise ticket.

Yes, I did raised a ticket but tbh no one really ever replied to me in these tickets so I have lost my hopes for this. But yeah if anything gets resolved I’ll update here.

@mnarshi @immortal24

Update: So, turns out it wasn’t an issue but instead a dumb lag in my accounts.

When I claimed my rewards, it wasn’t showing me any value. And I was logged out so I assumed I lost these rewards somewhere in between this. I was also continuously checking my gemini wallet for this. But this morning, few hours back I guess everything processed. I can see these BATs in my wallet now.

Strange thing is when I checked the timing of this transaction. It gave me the date of when I claimed it just in few hours gap.

But Gemini wasn’t showing me any of this up until this morning when I accidentally deleted the app in my mobile and when I logged in again, my wallet was updated. Lol.

Let me know if this solves the issue for you guys too.

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Happened as I assumed. Are u getting rewards from last 3 days??

Yeah but very less, 2-3 ads per day I guess.

Hey, Sorry i should have informed you today morning. I had a doubt and checked in Gemini today morning. Rewards was deposited on the day of claim (Sunday). My negligence made me tensed.

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