BAT Rewards not supported in India please bring back

So, I have been using Brave from March 2022 I was able to get the BAT through BAT-Uphold-Wazirx combination, now it’s thorwing an error that “region not supported”. Can you let me know when that is going to resolve Indian people are desperately waiting.


Nobody knows. Seriously. People from Brave was wanting to get India back up and running months ago. There’s just been a lot of things going on causing delays. Some of it is because of Uphold, others due to regulatory changes, some more based on the increased fraudulent activity in the area, and yet another small portion from Brave trying to update systems to help address all of the prior.

Plain and simple, it will be added when it’s added. And as much as you say “are desperately waiting,” Brave had almost the whole world not supported. They just added 15 countries yesterday. Things take time and sometimes just aren’t answers there. Keep in mind, everyone keeps asking the same thing as you. Whether it was for Brazil, Germany, Argentina, India, etc.


Primarily I am in Brave due to this BAT withdraw feature. This is a kind of source of income for me please try to bring back, and how can I know that my region support is back? please make feature as well so that I know it’s back and I can start withdrawing BAT. It makes me switch back to other browsers as well, from the past few days I don’t feel motivated to use Brave, I am using google chrome, I guess it’s the same case for many other users as well, given the situation please try to resolve this fast.

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