Didn't recieve BAT

Hello I didn’t receive my brave rewards from the month of May then I read that maybe I fall in payout period So I waited for June to end too and after it showed me that I will receive my rewards(of June only) in some days but suddenly one day when it was 12 am the message disappeared and I didn’t receive the rewards for June month either total I had like 5 - 7 BAT mixed of both months . PS my wallet is unverified because the connection limit is full(need a feature to remove devices) and I don’t have the devices which I verified anymore and there was no claim option either to claim it just showed that it will arrive but the rewards never arrived . Help Me get the BAT MODS

They got rid of the wallet limit several months ago, so you should be able to connect. Not sure if you just haven’t tried lately?

Best way to get this resolved is to create a Support Ticket so someone from Brave can assist you.

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Yes you are right I checked it a few months ago , Sorry for that Now it Shows This -

So what does this region not supported mean I cant even receive BAT to unverified wallet ?

Ah, so from one problem to the next. So yeah, that’s showing you what you can read at the links below.

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold

You should be receiving BAT to your browser. If you haven’t received payment, you will want to submit a support ticket like I linked in my prior reply to you. Someone from Brave will then be able to review everything and try to get it your way.

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As you Linked the support ticket link I did put up a ticket , thanks for helping me out here @Saoiray Means a lot :heart: , Hope u have a good day :blush: .

Brave Support is very slow been 15 days no help yet this will be the third month my bat will disappear

support no reply yet :frowning:

Weird, let me tag @steeven and @SaltyBanana to see if either can help. Depending on what you shared, might influence too. Your priority in discussion is you’re not been able to claim BAT and it’s missing. Otherwise seeing much about unsupported region can make a person think about how everyone just of complaining about that and wanting region added again. So can’t stress enough to speak about just checking what happened to BAT that should arrive in your browser as you are now unverified.

Hi @Prashik

Apologies if we haven’t seen your ticket as of yet. We are working through several tickets at this time and it can take a while until your ticket is next in the queue.

As @Saoiray mentioned, it would be best to submit a ticket and make sure you are addressing the issue about not being able to claim your rewards.
From there we can investigate further.


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