Can we get Bats if we arent in supported countries?

Since my wallet of uphold got disconnected (Im from Argentina) I cant withdraw by bats.
I cant even see my bats from September, I dont know where they go, dont have any claim button o anything.

Yes, you should be receiving the BATs in Brave rewards wallet. They’ll be there, once region is restored, and you’re able to connect, they’ll transfer to your Gemini / Uphold account

How can I see them? The september rewards dissapeared

The BAT that was in Uphold is still there and you can see it when accessing Uphold.

From now on you will get your rewards in your browser and they will remain there.
You will get a “Claim” button every month during the payout period.

Regarding the September payout that you did not receive, please open a support ticket

Yes, in the future when your country has been supported again.

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