Actual BAT rewards are not reflecting in wallet


I have not received any BAT rewards in the last two months. However, I get a message that the reward has arrived in my wallet.
This happened in August and September.

Before that, all rewards will be sent to a verified Gemini wallet. But suddenly, Gemini wallet no longer supports India. I got an error message “Unsupported region”. Since that day, I have not received any rewards


Please check this.

Thank you

Hey please delete your payment ID and other stuff from the rewards internals page. don’t want it to fall in wrong hands.
Also since rewards verification isn’t supported in India at this moment, you should receive the BATs in Brave rewards wallet. You didn’t get a claim button as well, right ?
If yes, then you should raise a ticket. Raise one here. Also keep in mind, if you are having issues with Brave rewards, most of the times, its better to raise a ticket with them directly.

Share your Rewards info only to a Brave official when they contact you after raising a ticket.


I have raised a ticket for this.

Thank you

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