Where Are My 215.500 BATs? -> Rewards not transferring to / showing up on my uphold wallet!

Hi - I have been rewarded 215.500 BAT tokens (last recorded time) so far through the participation of the Brave Ads program (see screenshot 1). However, as soon as I open my Uphold account the BAT tokens what has been earned are not showing up at all (see screenshot 2). I already reached out to Uphold’s customstrong texter service who let me know to address this issue to you. Please help and fix this issue and get me my BAT tokens P.s. The recovery key doesn’t help either



its a bug u will get that on 6 sept.

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i hope so! This has been an ongoing issue since April 2020


@olreiche15 don’t worry if any issue is there @steeven will help you out

I can not withdraw BAT from brave to verified Uphold wallet. the bats were not creditted to my uphold. WWHYYYYYYYYYY

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