My BAT disappeared?


My BAT keeps disappearing.

Hereby I uploaded 2 photos:

  • The first photo shows 1.675 BAT taken at 5:15 PM.
  • The second photo shows only 0.580 BAT taken 16 minutes later, at 5:31 PM.
    I didn’t claim or move any of them BAT to my wallet.

I notice that this problem happened quite frequently to me.
I also notice that even though I clicked 90% of the ads shown, I wasn’t rewarded with BAT for every click.

Can a supporter reply me with some explanation ? I don’t want to question Brave’s integrity, but I have a feeling that the reward system is not transparent enough.

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Hi @Hanie

It’s not necessary to click the ads, besides there are some ads that do not pay any bat apparently.

I have noticed too that sometimes the pending bats are reduced but it usually update the right amount in some time.

Do you use any vpn program/extension?

Hi @JohnDproof

Thank you for your reply.

The ads I mentioned - sometimes it pays and sometimes it doesn’t. I would assume the ads may either pay for every seen/clicked, or not pay at all. So the fact that it only pays half of the time confused me.

For the BAT reward balance:

  • I also notice that it would take a little time for the BAT to be updated after I freshly open the browser, and the updated amount would be higher than when I just open the browser.
    However in my case, the updated amount was lower (as you can see from the photos with timestamp I sent above.
  • Last month I was rewarded with about 1.85 BAT. On the 6Feb, I claimed BAT to my wallet so 1 BAT was moved to the wallet, 0.85 BAT still remained at the unclaimed balance. Today is 17Feb so the balance of 1.675 BAT would sound more reasonable than 0.58 BAT right ? Unless they deleted the unclaimed BAT of previous month.

I don’t use any vpn program/extension at all.

they never paid me too!
trust me!

@dekachavid I guess I’ll uninstall it soon. The idea of Brave is nice but the execution is surprisingly much lower than my expectation unfortunately, they can’t do what they said.

I’m having the same problem. I had 0.500BAT which i had earned through viewing 50 Ads,but now out of nowhere my BAT is reduced to 0.350,but the Ad counter is at the same place,i.e., 50 Ads. I had the same problem last month as well. Please help me with this issue.
I’ve attested an image where my BAT has been reduced to 0.350.

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It happens to me sometimes…but after an hour or so the BAT ”come back” (idk from where)…

@steeven please take a look.

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no worries ,got the rewards back.Seems like a bug or something.

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Lucky you. My BAT never came back.

They are not serious every month I have a problem with the rewards. This month uphold has supposedly given tips without my consent, especially since they do not appear anywhere in my journal. Uphold tells me to contact brave but no one to answer despite my requests.

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