My account with the same ammount of BATs for months

My account has 57 BATs for months now


I have a creators account for more than a year. But At some point the account got stuck at 57 BATs and I dont recieve any transfer to uphold, and I cant recieve any tips either. (I tryied to tip my self from my friends phone and the balance doesnt go down on his brave wallet and does not go up on my creators account).

Im verified on Uphold, and Im recieving the payments from watching ads, but nothing else.

Could you check whats the problem with my creators account?



Hi, @hawkz0r, how many months has it been since you’ve been sitting at the same amount?

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Thanks for your answer @saereV

Well, I dont really know. As I forgot about the 2FA, and never checked again.

I reverified on February, after more than a month of waiting (for the reset thing).

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No problem, @hawkz0r. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say what exactly could be your issue. There are a few known bugs being worked on right now. There’s a known issue with BAT porting to Uphold, and an issue with ads/ rewards not counting properly. Also, the payout process happened recently, and there were/ are some issues with that - some accounts are still processing, too. There is also the possibility that your account got flagged by the anti-fraud detection system for suspicious activity (knowingly or unknowingly, on your part) - don’t freak out about this, it’s not uncommon, unfortunately.

Personally, I would start by following the instructions on the post for Creators payout:

Open up a DM with steeven. Send him all the details of your account/ information related to your issue. If you can think of anything you may have done, such as self-tipping (either knowingly/ unknowingly), air your thoughts on this, too, in the DM.

Keep in mind response is slowed right now because of others with similar/ other issues, and the known bugs being worked out, so you will have to be patient. If you want to check on the progress of your account with steeven (once you start a dialogue), you can check in using the same DM to him - don’t send him multiple DMs as it seriously slows support for us all. You can also keep this thread active with a bump every several days.

I do wish you good luck and a solution soon. :crossed_fingers:

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I also structed at 0. 725 from staring then iam and my friends browsers lost from 2.900bat to 1.500 and1. 100 bat

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