Bat reduced drastically

pls my bat was about 3.000 and the estimated value was $1.57 now it is still 3 bat but now $0.98 and i sent verification since and it has not been received i don’t just understand pls rectify it


Same with my account, and it continuously decreasing everyday even if I am using it actively. I don’t get any ads too. I already check my settings as suggested here in forum yet no improvement. Is this calls for installation and use other browser again. =( =( =(

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BAT trades sec to sec in the world crypto market.

It’s totally depends on market value. As it’s value decreasing in the recent days, may you feel the same in your estimate BAT :thinking:.

Don’t panic about this, untill your browser gets verified into uphold and convert it to any currency, you will feel this kinda fluctuations.

BTW, if you are talking about mobile browser, it won’t gets verified unless you have 25BAT in the browser.

Hope you understand what I mean.


I see, you might also have an idea on the ads that I am not seeing in days. Thanks!

Hey, this is not only happening with you even I’m not getting any ads since 6th of this month for some devices.

Hope soon things gets settled… :roll_eyes::blush:

Then any reason for that?

You may have seen it. Check it once again.

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