Brave Rewards decreased from 0.005 to 0.0025?

has brave rewards again decreased from 0.005 to 0.0025 bat/per from this morning or this is some sort of issue ?


0.0025(per ad)*20(total ads per day)*365 = 18.25 in one year.
are you kidding brave, how new users were able to complete 25 bat for withdraw ?
is everyone facing same issue ?

Yes, its 0.2 on android Brave. I can’t talk about Brave browser for Windows because i already stop receiving brave tokens for seeing the ads.

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but why the values are not changed in this site

same problem with me @steeven can u plz explain us why again ads rate change


For how long you are not receiving BAT tokens while receiving ads in windows? Does it show “database_migrated” in event logs at {brave://rewards-internals/}

The logs are empty at all. About the time im not receiving BATs, its since last month on the day I should get the payment but didnt receive it at all. The BATs I have at this moment are the same I had last month for the payment time.

??? why steven hasent answerd us on this again???

Same issue with me. The BAT in my wallet has been gradually decreasing. I understand if the USD amount decreases due to fluctuations in the market. But if the BAT is also decreasing everyday I dont think that is normal.

Event logs shouldn’t be empty. This is indeed strange

It almost decreased twice with past 30 days. I’m consider not to use Brave because I received 187 ads and supposed to receive more than 5 BAT, but they payed me only 0.25 BAT.

The same happened to me. When I updated the Browser within the month my Bats decreased. How can they do that?

At this rate it’s probably more economical to spend your time clipping coupons instead of watching and dismissing pop-ups all day.

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I found also the same issue on my machine, i received ads but the bat is not add in my pending reward

If BATs are not increasing for viewing sponsored images, know this you can only get max 4 an hour and max 20 in a day. So it is normal for BATs to not increase for a few hours if you have reached the limit. Sometimes it can be due to a wallet being flagged by the automated system. If you are facing this problem from 1-2 days you can contact support. DM one of the guys. VPN is also known to cause similar issues.

Never even knew about them until I read this thread and another one, and have started checking them recently in internals. Mine have not updated since the 12th of may, I have tried sending wallet info to one of the mods, is this a problem with my settings/wallet?

What do you mean by this?

Can you share a screenshot of this?

not worth the time anymore, they keep removing what you farmed, and if you do not print screen amount you had before, they will take some randomly

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they sold out to corruption

just pay us the bats you owe us, unninstaling from all my devices