Brave rewards decreasing even after receiving ads

Everyday I am receiving ads from brave but still my earning remains below 3.40 dollar . It increases when I receive ads but after some time when I see reward it again drop down to 3.39. I am facing the problem since monday . I have received more than 300 ads this month but my earning stuck at 3.39.what to do???

its because of fluctuations in the price of BAT in market place

I agree with you but my brave amount is decreased. This is so strange and frustrating. How can I get Brave Support?

I agree that market is fluctuating but how could it possible that my earning is increasing and after that decreasing to 3.39 the rewards remains the same even after 5 days and so many ads. How is it possible.???

I’m facing the same problem man. I got decreased from 4.25 to 2.5

Ads at the moment are worth 1 cent to 5 cents per view. 1 BAT is currently valued at about USD $1.21 (Coinbase) as of 08:25:40.

You may have to view 100 ads for 1 BAT. Also this week the crypto markets have crashed due to Elon Musk being a tool. So the price of BAT has dropped a lot.

Recently per ads you receive 0.005 bat so that if you received 200 ads you earn 1 bat

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