Bat payout not even close to estimated add rewards on dashboard july 1st to july 31st

hi i know you guys have a thread thats locked for august payouts for rewards. but my issue is really odd. my desktop hasn’t been paid yet which i know is still pending like you said. but my android tablet got paid out yesterday morning but it had 7.2 estimated bat rewards for viewing adds and only paid me out 2.2 why didn’t i get even close to my estimated full amount. also my friend whom uses the desktop version ( we both use windows latest updated version ) ( also latest release for brave ) he had 20.3 Bat estimated earnings for the month and only got paid 6 Bat whats with that are we just waiting on the rest to come through or has something messed up ? or have i taken this wrong and the estimated earnings for viewed ads isn’t accurate to what you actually get ? brave and windows are the latest stable versions. also i have a photo of the dash where it shows estimated earnings to what i actually got

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You only get paid for BAT earned in previous month and rewards estimation is showing balance from previous month > today.

im well aware you only get paid for the previous month and mine was as i stated much higher than what i got paid out or i wouldnt have posted it at all


Yeah same, 3 devices, each paid identical reward amounts(26.42) but 2 are well out. One is well under(from what was gained last month(1st-31st), one well over(same period, device was off most of the month but still got 26.42bat!) and one correct.


yeh something is very wrong there. my tablet got paid more than one of the desktops and had way less estimated earnings for last month and the tablet isnt even verified where as my desktop is. ( i use the tablet to tip people hence not verified )

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and my main desktop didnt even get paid at all and that had the highest estimated earnings for last month by a huge amount as i work from it daily

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Can you tell me the payout is still processing or not for Android user ??

dude i know that and my last months estimated earnings were way higher than what i got paid and my desktop still hasnt been paid. i was meant to be paid from the earnings from the 5th of july to the 5th of august and didnt get nearly as much as i was meant too. and why hasnt my desktop been paid out yet do your support team even know what their doing ?

got an email from brave saying that its from the previous months earnings which is a load of bull because what my estimated earnings are is from the last months since my desktop and tablet have only had them on since 7th july some seriously dodgy stuff going on here i honestly think their skimming peoples bat. my estimated earnings from 5th of july to 5th of august is what i should be getting paid and im not getting what im owed losing faith in this very quickly

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I too note that my estimated August 5 BAT earnings was over 21, but I only received 9.53 transferred to uphold.


You did accusations without a proof that can spread a misinformation @taddy206.

You can always take a screenshot at the end of the month, 31th. And the BAT shown (which accumulation from 1-31 that month) will be paid around 5th the following month.

Again, rewards estimation is showing balance from previous month > payout date. And after payout date, the estimation will adjust the balance so it’ll only show the estimation for this month – 1st to today.

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And no. Again, you get paid for BAT you earned in previous month 1-31th. BAT you earned from 1-5th August will be included in the next payout since it’s accumulated this month August 1-31th.

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did you even read my post lol ? so where is my bat from 5th of july until now ? because i spent a month prior to the august 5th payout building up my bat and didnt get it. can you egt a mod that actually knows what hes on about please

since you dont seem to get it. even from what you are saying my statement is correct. i have way more bat owed to me from last month that didnt get paid in full i got a fraction of it. and im not the only one thats had this issue

all the BAT i have earned was from after the july 5th payout and before the august 5th payout… which is the exact month you are referring to. and still my main desktop hasnt even had its payout. not even the reduced one. yet my other devices that have brave have and they all went onto my devices the same day at my desktop one did

Sorry this might not answer your missing BAT issue taddy but @eljuno is correct. Payment period is from 1st day of calendar month till last day of calendar month, ie 1st July -31st July not 5th July - 5th August for example. You are then paid on 5th of the month. The period from 1st-5th of any month is paid in following months payout.

So, @taddy206, let’s re-start this conversation.

On your original post, you said

then which I replied

Which should answer your follow up questions here too :point_down:

So, in short yes. You misunderstood the payment process. To make it clear

  • Earning estimation is showing balance from July 1st until August 5th (payout date). In your case, it’s July 5th until August 5th which show 7.2 BAT

  • But, when it’s paid out, you’ll only get paid for BAT you earned from July 1st-31st – in your case July 5th-31st which is 2.2 BAT

  • Same for September payout. It’ll show balance from August 1sst until September 5th. But you’ll only get paid for BAT earned in August.

  • The remaining BAT will be included with this month earning August 1-31st. And will be paid in September 5th.

  • And because of this, it’s seems like it’s not paid in full but in fact it’s paid in full for BAT you accumulated in previous month (July).

  • And again, you can take a screenshot of your earning estimation at the end of the month August 31st. And see that amount get paid in full in September.

And if you received payout in one device but not in other device yet, then you can wait as payment is still processing.


I have the same issue as you. The android payout is about 4-5 bats short of expected and the desktop payout is not credited at all. Moreover, didn’t get the due referral payout for installing, using bat on three more devices for more than a month.
I guess the show is nearing end and so is the "payout " scheme. :grimacing:

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Attaching here screenshots from my android , creator and desktop account. As you can see, I am due more payout but haven’t received yet. And yes, I say this because during the period 1-31 July, my bats accumulated more than what I have received until now. Also, I have linked my creator account well in time to uphold account.
Thanks! account is not related to brave:rewards. It’s two different account with different purposes.

And like I said in my latest reply above which is I’m not sure if you’ve read it :point_up: