I am missing some BAT

I earned 22 BAT this month but only received 17. Why? This happened last month as well, where I received less than what I earned. Please explain.

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one thing to consider does the 22 bat are the estimated one if yes then here what could happened

for me i had 39 estimated and recived 33 but where the other 6 go now go check your estimated bats after claiming and you will see them there

as you get payed for the last month ads so the first few days before payment will get paied next month

if that not your case then sorry for my miss understanding

and have a nice day

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So you’re saying you don’t get paid for the ads you receive a couple of days before the 5th of the month?


my guess and testing that the payment are from 1st day of the month till the end of it unless you joined just a little before the first day let us say you started using brave on 25 of the month so you next payment will be the whole month plus the days from 25 till the end of the month

that my testing as i am just user so i can not be sure of all this but that what work with me

so i always check the remaining of the estimated bats that left to make sure that everything going fine

hope that clear thing and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Ahh okay. So you’re literally only getting paid for what you earn in a single named month and not the five days of the next month leading up to the payout on the 5th. That’s where my missing 5 BAT is, those first five days of the next month. That checks out. I thought you were paid for every ad received up to the 4th, before the payout date. I guess not. Thanks for the help.

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