Received only 0.500 BAT

I almost had 0.930 BAT received from rewards, but after a month I got only 0.500 BAT. @steeven



Is it possible the extra .430 is what you received from July 1st til now? Just wondering because sometimes that “estimated earnings so far this month” does not reflect back down til like a week or so after payout. For example, mine is still showing last months combined with this month and I too have already received my payout yesterday for all of Junes earnings.


It is not the extra .430. I was supposed to receive 0.930 but they gave me only 0.500 and that 0,500 did not get reduced from the 0.930

Just a possible thought to help , but if that was not the case, definitely tag @steeven and he will have you DM you information to help

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