BAT REWARDS not added completely

Hello BRAVE community, support team,

i’m using the Android app on my phone and i’m confused about the whole payout process. My uphold wallet is at this time not connected as i didn’t reached 25BAT yet.

Example from this month: i almost had those 25BATs if i add the BRAVE wallet amount and rewards from the last month (according to the BRAVE estimates from 31.7.2020). The amount really added doesn’t correspond to the estimates at all, it’s some random amount. To 25 BATs i’m still missing almost 8 BATS.

I’m disappointed about the behavior of the browser. Been planning to buy BATs on crypto exchange platforms, but at the moment i’m not sure if it’s a good idea. Similar inconsistency happens each month.

Can you please support me with some explanations how should it exactly work and why my expectations don’t meat the reality of a browser behaviour?

Thank you in advance.


For August 5th payout, you only get paid for BAT received in July 1st-31st. While rewards estimation is showing the balance from July 1st until today.

You should see the “missing” BAT is still apprears on your earning estimation + some BAT earned until today.

Hi @eljuno,
Thank you for a reply.
Unfortunately this is not the cause of discrepancy, i understand that only rewards from the calender month are payed.

In other words, the estimation at the end of the month was not delivered on 5th.

Any other explanation why aren’t BATs processed and how to solve it? Not processing these to Brave users, where do parts of funds from advertisers end?

In my oppinion is there also a lack of support.

Hi all
Same problem to me .I just get paid a part of my rewards to my verified uphold account and this problem persist for more than 2 months .


Same, i received 5.01226 BAT on the 13.750 i should have received and while i watched everyday, posts saying “payments are still processing” being delayed everyday, now it seems that, for the Brave team, everyone got their rewards while no clear explanations, as for why i received (like others) a fraction of what i should have gotten, have been given and will never be given.

I also read the post about some UPHOLD accounts and weird transactions but that we should see that we received the right amount of BAT in our Uphold “history”, and that our BAT are safe; But yeah, in my wallet history it is said :“you received 5.01226 BAT for adds as payout for july” and not 13+.

So it’s not about the BAT missing to this point but about the way it is handled towards the community. It is nice to say that everything is fine and that we should wait, but when all of a sudden it seems that, on your end, everything is sorted out, the situation is back to normal while in reality the situation is the same for us and we still don’t have received our rewards, i don’t understand where the problem really is.


Yes a loot of issues with the rewwards that are sitting in our browser wallet and not transfered to our VERIFIED uphold accounts ,same answer all the time we need to wait , our reqards will be transfered on the next payday, the uphold wallet is connected to the browser wallet correctly but no all the rewards are transfered just a small amount of the rewards.
So after me the staff members know this issue with the payment but still delaying the response about this problem.
I use every day the browser and i click all the ads. But when is the payment day …surprise… i wait that all my bat to be transfered yo my uphold account but every time the same problem. Not all the rewards are transfered just a small amount. I use the latest version of browser.


Seems very similar to my situation. The wallet in my android browser is not verified yet, and at the payday I receive just a fraction of awaited amount.

@eljuno, @steeven, any sugestions? Is this topic investigated (who works on it) and can we support you somehow more?

Any updates? Did anybody fro support team see this thread?

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