This month pay not received, estimation 21 + bats

Its been a while that i am shown this message "Congrats! Your August reward have arrived! But I haven’t yet received what I earned.
Firstly I am Indian and so unfortunately I cant verify my account, secondly this month pay which was 21+ bats are still not showing in the interface.

Hey, many people are facing this issue (including me). Reported it to @SaltyBanana he said Brave is looking at the issue and should have it solved soon

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I am having a similar issue - i.e. receiving less than the stated amount for two months in a row - not sure if what’s causing the problem and if it’s the same problem.

Yep it’s been happening since a while now… They are working on getting it fixed since a long time. But I know that the remaining amount for each month is paid in the subsequent month

Even I am facing this issue… I actually didn’t receive my rewards for June in the July payout. I did receive them in August’s payout though

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That’s strange re June, July. Try their help desk and ticket system?

Tried. It’s a server problem or something. As far as I’ve read, it’s actually gotta do with the BATs which reconcile at their end. Also it rounds off to the nearest 0.25 like if you are earning.

Yes that sounds about right, although rounding down from 9+ BATs in July to only 0.25 BAT was extreme…

Yep, don’t worry… They will come in the next payment. For sure. Though there will be some earnings that will reconcile in November lol

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you’ll need to find a admin/ write a support ticket. Staff is very helpful with this stuff. be careful if anyone messages you first


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