Unable to receive my BAT from Android to Uphold account

Hello everyone,

I’m currently facing an issue with Brave on Android. I’ve set up my Uphold account 2 months ago and I’ve never received my BAT into my Uphold account.

I’ve already set up on Desktop and it works well. On the Desktop, it shows that I have nearly 30 BAT which is the amount in my Uphold account. But, on my phone it shows nearly 60 BAT.

Anyone facing this issue ?

Thank you.

Brave Version : 1.17.75

Mobile Device details: Android 7.0


Can you make sure you’ve your mobile Rewards wallet connected to Uphold? Click BAT triangle icon at URL bar.

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Hello, thank you for your reply.

There is some screenshots on my Brave Browser. My wallet is connected to my Uphold account, since I have 29 BAT on my Uphold account. But, on my phone, it shows 58 BAT.

I’ve connected my uphold more than 2 months ago but I’ve never received my payments from mobile.

Thank you

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cc @steeven @Aa-ron for assistance here

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Any solution for that ? Thank you!

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Hi @Heffar, thanks for reaching out,
How many wallets have you connected to your Uphold account?

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Hi and thank you for your reply.
So, apart from my Android phone:
I’ve set up on my Ubuntu machine and Windows machine.

Thank you.

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Any one on this situation ?

how many acc can be connected? @Aa-ron
i have 2

Yes, my Brave Browser on desktop sends BAT to my Uphold account - but Brave on my Galaxy Note 10+ gives me errors each time I try to claim my BAT. I’d love to get everything synchronized without resetting my Brave wallet and losing everything.

Hi. Welcome.

Have you ever found assistance?

May I ask:

  1. Is this your first attempt to claim BAT in mobile?

  2. When you attempt to claim, are you ever met with a summary of your reward such as this?

  3. Have you been to the monthly BAT reward issues thread?

The threads are opened every monthly reward distribution period. It opens with how Brave would like to communicate with its users, and it presents a very useful template for said communication.



To begin, as a dialup 56k modem Diablo playing, 1995 registered aol email account holding Boomer, Brave is hands down the best functioning browser I’ve used as a consumer in my 25 years online (Edge is long way off, and you’re well past Chrome, and Firefox is too busy, imo).

That said…

Most likely, the following should probably be directed toward Uphold? A couple questions are open ended and rather rhetorical.

I am piggy backing this post to add to the “four devices” confusion with my own couple inquiries:

  1. Is using the seed phrase upon re-installation of Brave desktop constitute a +1 to the Uphold identifier allotment?

  2. Does Uphold not onboard enough customers via Brave and Uphold’s relationship to not remove this function?

  3. Why is Uphold the only online entity to ever exist that has such a stipulation? (given their sector, it’s not good marketing at all)

  4. Can Uphold not add “devices connected” since “connected apps” exists, and then share the api with Brave?

I am not attempting to sound contrite: I am just attempting to add awareness and critical thought to the conversation.

Brave is a good browser, and a good product is the result of good work.

Regards…and now back to bed, please, dear gawd.

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