Bat on my uphold wallet is 0 but in brave creator is 69 (and uphold is linked)

Hi everyone,

I have a brave creator wallet with 69 BAT.
My brave creator account is linked with my uphold wallet and it’s connected !
When i am on my uphold wallet, i can see 0 BAT.
What is the problem ?


Hey @buvette,

Brave Creator’s Wallet doesn’t sync with Uphold.

Uphold is just linked/connected to your Creator’s account as a withdrawal option only, it doesn’t sync with your creator’s wallet. Where Brave Browser’s wallet can be synced with Uphold.

Each month on 8th, your rewards will be sent from creator’s account to your linked uphold account.

Hi ShineWhine,

Thanks for your answer so, if i understand correctly. In my brave creator account i have 69 BAT. How can i send them on my uphold wallet ?

As I said :-

Each month on 8th your rewards (earned in previous month) will be transferred to your linked Uphold account automatically.

Oups sorry,

Thanks for your feedback

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Hi @buvette, when did you link your wallet?

I am not sure but maybe 1 week ago

Thanks, looks like that is why. If it was verified after the 1st of the Month, the payment will transfer in November.

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